2013 Blackhawks Report Cards: Patrick Sharp

Saturday is time for the most handsome report card of them all; Patrick Sharp.

Standard Regular Season Stats

Scoring Stats Goals Assists Ice Time
28 6 14 20 7 8 14 5 1 0 1 8 0 6 88 6.8 527 18:50

Advanced Regular Season Stats (5 on 5)

TOI G A FirstA Points Shots iFenwick iCorsi ShPct G/60 A/60 FirstA/60 Points/60 Shots/60 iFenwick/60 iCorsi/60 IGP IAP IPP
388:05:00 4 7 5 11 59 82 112 6.78 0.618 1.082 0.773 1.7 9.12 12.678 17.316 23.5 41.2 64.7

Standard Playoff Stats

Scoring Stats Goals Ice Time
23 10 6 16 7 1 8 8 2 0 2 91 11 420 18:15

Advanced Playoff Stats (5 on 5)

GP TOI/60 Corsi Rel QoC Corsi QoC Corsi Relative Corsi On On-Ice Sh% On-Ice Sv% PDO Pens Taken/60 Pens Drawn/60 Off Zone Start % Off Zone Finish %
23 15.43 1.741 -3.165 1.9 12.85 7.11 920 991 0.2 1 68.9 52.6

If I had to hear the sound of a puck hit by Patrick Sharp bounce off the pipes one more time, I may have lost it for real. It was so frustrating to watch him struggling I can’t image how frustrating it was for him. I would hear those freaking “pings” in my sleep!!! Sharpie had many chances and was all over the ice throughout the regular season. You could tell he was glad to be back playing after the lockout. But there was something amiss and it showed, for a long time. Sharp had a 10 game goal drought in the middle of the regular season, and EVERYONE pointed that out to me as it was happening. People were not only talking about it to give me grief about my pretend boyfriend, but writers everywhere were writing about it and broadcasters were discussing it so much, that you have to wonder if that all effected Sharp’s game, making overcoming the obstacle that much harder.

And just when he seemed he may be on the way to his old self, scoring points in three straight games, from March 1 through March 5, with one goal and two assists, he got hurt. He was out for about a month with a shoulder injury after a hit during the Avalanche game on March 6. When he came back he got a few in the net, but he still didn’t look 100% to me. Although his pucks were not going in, his play was fast and ruthless. He continuously went to the boards hard and fought those battles. He never wavered and never stopped trying to put the puck on the net. Only playing 28 of the shortened 48 game regular season, Sharp totaled 6 goals and 14 assists. Even with the shorter season, that is nowhere near the ratio it should be when you consider his over 30 goals the last two seasons. He did, however, earn his 400th career point in February against Edmonton. The best part of the season, by far, was when Sharp did a television interview after a Hawks win over Boston, without pants. It was truly a highlight of the season in my opinion.

Sharp struggled for unknown reasons during the regular season and averaged 91 SOG through out the season. But they aren’t lying when they say the playoffs are a season of their own. Sharp came out fighting during the post season and showed why he is considered one of the top wingers of the NHL. Sharp stood out in the Minnesota series and had two goals in game 2 and 4, both game winners. In game 5, the clincher, he had a goal and an assist. He would rack up 5 points in the tough Detroit series and 3 against the L.A. Kings. My favorite goal was in the 3rd period of game 4 in the Cup Final when he got the power play goal and during his celebration he tumbled to the ice. His exuberance was overwhelming and he just lost control. That is pure joy and I loved it. He totaled 10 goals and 6 assists in the post season, way outscoring his regular season self. There was some talk of Sharp as a Conn Smythe contender, he did have the most goals in the playoffs, but his sometime line mate (and name mate) kind of took him out of the running with that hat trick against L.A. and 10 assists in the playoffs. It should be noted though that according to NHL.Com, Sharp is the only player in the past two playoff years to reach double figures in goals.

At the Blackhawks victory rally on Friday, Sharp was the only player to dare mention the possibility of back to back Cup wins. His comments were well received by the millions of people who gathered to celebrate at Grant Park. However, if he wants that to happen, he really needs to play a lot more consistently next season and keep the BS out of his head. He is my pretend boyfriend and I love him, but there was something wrong this regular season. I hope his stellar play and fearlessness from the playoffs returns at the beginning of next season, and stays. I also hope he delivers on his promise from the rally to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back to Chicago next summer.

Final Grade: B+