SCH 2013 GIF Tournament : Play In Game

We've got 17 gifs for 16 spots so we will put it to the people!

Of COURSE there was one extra gif, after votes were tallied and lists were made.  We've got 16 tournament slots, and 17 gifs with qualifiying vote numbers.  Because anything else would just be too easy.

Only three of these four gifs, all of which are awesome, can make it to the Sweet 16, so we're asking you to choose which three move on.  You're voting for elimination, here, not your favorite, so remember that when filling out the poll, and choose your least favorite of the four. And because all four are worthy and amazing, all four get a place right here in the main post.

Crow's flashy glove save:

Seabs blasts a beauty past Howard:



Kaner's hat trick goal in OT:



Crow steps up to defend his Captain:



Four gifs enter, three gifs leave.  Which one goes is up to you. Vote early, vote often, because voting ends tonight at 10 pm ET!

Which of these gifs should be eliminated?

Crow Flashy Glove Save88
Seabs Blasts GWG Past Howard38
Kaner's Hat Trick Goal30
Crow Fights For Toews49