2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Harding Division Semifinal #2

The final matchup of the semifinals!

This semifinal goes out with a bang.  We've got the epic, never-gets-old image of a Bruins fan, alone in a sea of Blackhawks red, pounding his beer in reaction to what he's seeing on the ice (spoiler alert: Hawks win!).  And Patrick Kane unleashing that old black magic, pulling a spin-o-rama goal that's so pretty it should be bronzed.  Choose your favorite.  Choose wisely.  Because after this, we're on to the quarterfinals, and the matchups only get harder from here!

Sad Boston Fan (submitted by girlphoenix):


vs. Patrick Kane Spin-o-Rama goal (submitted by windyirish):


Both of these are so amazing I don't know how you'll choose. Good luck, voters. And see you in the Quarterfinals!

2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Harding Div Semifinal #2

Sad Boston Fan65
Kane Spin O Rama133