2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Howard Division Semifinal #1

Moving on to the always-competitive Howard Division!

The first couple of rounds of the semifinals have been played, with some surprised upsets and some tightly-fought battles, and now we meet the competitors from the Howard Division. Totally random aside, but Howard is from the next town over from mine, and I've met him a few times. Guy's a sweetheart. But he still lost to the Blackhawks.

Our first matchup contains a tiny slice of "life on the bench" for the Sharpy-Handzus-Kaner line, which made me laugh like a hyena for about ten minutes the first time I saw it, vs. the instant classic, Dave Bolland's final play as a Hawk: his Stanley Cup winning goal against the Bruins. Tough, tough fight, here. Both gifs are amazing. Which one will prevail? Only you can decide.

(by the way, we were going to run both gif battles per semifinal in one post, but SBN's system only lets you post one poll per entry.  I have no idea why, but we're rolling with it and posting two parts for each semifinal division.)

Kaner pokes Zus, Sharpy Handslaps (submitted by windyirish):


vs. Bolly's SCF GWG (submitted by Sparky The Barbarian):


Vote away, people!

2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Howard Division Semifinal #1

Sharpy Hand Slap94
Bolly's Cup Winning Goal113