2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Quick Division Final

Our second Division Final battle begins!

The Quick Division turned out to be all Hossa, all the time, as is totally right and just.  In fact, both of your Quick contenders feature Marian Hossa in all his glory: first, laughing scornfully at Backes, and then taking a gorgeous pass from Kaner and sinking it in highlight-reel style.

In short: Marian Hossa is a rock star, and deserves all the gif love he gets.But now you must choose between two Hossa gifs, and move one forward to the final rounds.  Here's your complete bracket, for reference:


And now, to the gifs!

Hossa Laughs:


Vs. Kane-Hossa Magic:


Beauties, both of them.

Quick Division Final

Hossa Laughs63
Hossa/Kane Magic132