2013 SCH Gif Tournament: Right Conference Final

Closing out the Conference Final Round, with only the ultimate prize left to win!

For those at SCH who struggle to choose between voting for their favorite or voting for a not-goal gif on principle (it's true that 2 out of 3 of the Conference Final gifs are goals), this matchup will be much more simple: they're both goals.  However, they're both such amazing goals that I doubt choosing between them will be appreciably easier.


Both of our Right Conference finalists feature Patrick Kane. This seems very appropriate, given his season. Kaner, coming off a rough 2012 campaign and an offseason wherein many sports radio callers (and some internet commenters) were calling for him to be traded, lambasting his character and dedication, and bemoaning his performance, lit up the whole damn NHL in 2013. And he continued to silence his critics in the playoffs, racking up 19 points, a +7 overall for the postseason, a hat trick, a Conn Smythe, and the Stanley Cup. It was a good year for Patrick Kane, is what I'm saying, and these two gifs illustrate why he's so incredibly fun to watch, as well as being an integral and irreplaceable part of the Blackhawks core.

First, an assist to Marian Hossa (who needs no introduction beyond the fact that He Is Marian Hossa And You Are Not). When Hossa and Kaner are playing together, it's magic waiting to happen. These are two hockey players at the very top of the elite heap, playing some of the best hockey I've ever seen. Check out this incredible pass and beautiful, perfect one-timer into the net. There's a reason I titled this gif "Kane Hossa Magic:"


I am very glad I will never have to play defense against these two.  Holy shit.  You can almost see the goalie begin to weep at the unfairness of life, the universe, and everything.

Then there's Kaner's Spin-o-Rama goal. I've waxed eloquent over this beauty before, marveling at the fact that he even attempted this outside the one-on-one safety of a shootout situation.  They were already thrashing Dallas 7-1 when he took this shot, but he still could've looked REALLY stupid if this hadn't worked out (as an aside, this was a powerplay goal.  I had forgotten the Hawks were allowed to score those). He went for it anyway.

That's the great thing about Patrick Kane: he doesn't seem too caught up in making sure he doesn't look dumb.  In fact, he actively appears to not give much of a fuck.  He cries at movies, yep, he admits it.  He cries in the locker room, yep, admits it. So what, he seems to shrug. He bought a Hummer because he's a little dude, yep, no argument from him on that one. He cannot possibly think that the Kaner Shuffle passes for any kind of good dancing, but he'll start boogying at any opportunity, and he'll shake a tambourine while he's at it.  He's having so much fun, and inviting us, the fans, to have fun with him, and in the meantime, he's playing some of the most gorgeous hockey ever.  In this case, his willingness to take the chance, to not play it safe, risk looking foolish, paid off in a highlight reel goal for the ages.


Never stop dancing, Kaner.  And if you want to sink a few more spin-o-rama goals, I wouldn't say no to that, either.

Vote your favorite on to the Final.  And in the end, there can be only one!

Right Conference Final

Kaner/Hossa Magic89