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They Say A Change Will Do You Good : I'm Not So Sure About That

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Nothing About This Season is Right - Sorry But Sometimes A Girl Just Has to Vent

Maxx Wolfson

Nothing feels right about this hockey season. Not only because it started so freaking late which threw
my sports clock into a tizzy, but also I am not sure how I feel about The Cup being awarded after only 48

To make matters even stranger I can only attend 7 home games this year, and I am usually at over 10
and closer to 15. That really sucks. I realize I am lucky to get to go to any, but again it just isn't right. Add
in the fact that due to a recent promotion (which again I realize is lucky) my husband can also only attend
7 games because of his new work schedule. The ugly kicker to that is we are only going to 2 of those
games together. I am taking Lil' J (a nickname for my step-son that our hockey friends have coined for
him) to three of the games and Big J (one of my husband's many nicknames) only gets to go to two with
him. I know they are both extremely disappointed that their hockey bonding time was cut down so much
this year. Lil' J only gets to see 5 games because of his sports commitments and school so all around it is
just a bit off kilter.

Another huge reason this season is so odd is that Medium J (a very good friend we made through our
section at the United Center several years ago) is working in Texas right now and God only knows when
he will be back. Home games just aren't the same without driving down to the UC with Medium J and his
sister (who coincidentally nicknamed all the Js referenced above) in our truck. Even when we have to sit
in awful Chicago rush hour traffic, we never fail to amuse each other therefore making the trip bearable.

The final reason this season is already the most bizarre one ever is we usually take a large group trip to
go see the Blackhawks play in another town. That trip is always booked before Christmas and knowing it
is coming up is the best post holiday blues killer. I really look forward to that trip, we go with a wonderful
bunch of people, and meet awesome new people along the way too. The stories from those trips are
often repeated with fondness including my run in with Jonathan Toews, a Minnesota Wild fan attacking
us and Medium J riding the bull in a Nashville bar. We never planned one this year, since we had no clue
when they would start playing, and I fear now it may be too late. Hopefully we can squeeze a fun one in at
the last minute; maybe a play off excursion? We will see.

This season will continue to be different I know. Playing so many games so close to each other and
awarding a cup after only half a season are both foreign ideas. Bear with me, I have never been one
to immediately embrace change. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope this blah feeling about the season
quickly dissipates. I pray that will happen through a great explosion of excitement once the Hawks hit the
ice tomorrow afternoon and destroy the L.A. Kings.