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Chicago Blackhawks Deliver Fantastic Hockey Weekend

Extraordinary Play and Organizaton's Salute Ignite Hockey Fervor

Christian Petersen

It was a productive and fun weekend for the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans. Seeing so many different players get pucks into the net, reminded me of the 2010 Cup winning team. I am not trying to get a head of myself here, but the fact that in two games 7 different players got on the board with goals is fantastic. I believe one of the reasons we won the Cup was because we had a team with deep talent, they all contributed that year. I think there is a chance for that to be the situation this year, since our lines are full of really talented players. We just need for them to stay on this track and remain healthy. The fantastic play on the road the past two games also resembles that Championship year. I know it is way too early to even talk that way, but a girl can dream right?

The season opener Saturday in L.A was so fun to watch. Call me mean, but beating the current Stanley Cup Champs in their own house after the banner raising was a great season igniting triumph. Sunday’s game was just as exciting and the fire that started the night before continued to burn strongly in Phoenix. Although too many got by Ray Emery, the offense ensured we came out on top again, especially Marian Hossa he was a machine this weekend and I hope that continues for the next several months. With those two wins, the Hawks did exactly what we fans needed them to do to remove that black cloud that was hanging around. I know we are only two games in but the players seem to be doing with they can to thank and reward the fans.

The “Fan Salute” the Blackhawks announced as the organization’s part for the “thank you” for putting up with our BS during the lockout is a lot more than I expected. The ideas people suggested during my unofficial poll seem to be all covered, free stuff, possibility for free tickets and meet and greets are all part of the gesture. The amount of incentives really surprised me. So I have to say good job to them too. However, I hope they consider freezing ticket prices for the season ticket holders for at least one year, yet another one of this girls dreams.

Watching Mike Smith lose it during the game was just pure entertainment. I can't believe what a giant baby he is, that completely unprofessional attack of his net pipes with his hockey stick reminded me of another goalie the Hawks have a tendency to drive crazy *cough* Roberto Luongo