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Morning Bag Skate 1/4

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Lockout day 111. 554 games lost. $797,406,426.43 in total salary lost. The shit show continues.

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Nathan Denette, AP

The IceHogs remind Lindbloom of the Swamp People (Third Man In)

Leave It To Bettman: The Drop Dead Date (Hockee Night)

CBA talks go from embarrassing to worse (ESPN)

The finger pointing is unbearable (Winnipeg Free Press)

Friedman calls Thursday a wasted day (CBC)

Mirtle does a great job explaining the NHL's push for salary variance (Globe and Mail)

Bruce Arthur still thinks the deal will be done on Jan 11 (National Post)

Team USA's John Gibson is having a run of a life time between the pipes (Yahoo Sports)

Malcolm Subban gets benched for WJC Bronze medal game (TSN)