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My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets

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Hey, hey kids. I'm back and I bet you all missed this segment the last few games but don't you worry, just like the Blackhawks winning streak, it's back for you.

Chose this picture cause I miss seeing Sharp on the ice.
Chose this picture cause I miss seeing Sharp on the ice.

The Blackhawks were able to grab a second point in hungry, hungry hippos after what was probably one of the most exciting over time periods in recent memory.

It's nice that someone besides Eddy O. could solve Sideshow Bob tonight, as Kaner was able to regain possession and score after the puck came off his stick as he was trying to fake out Bobrovsky during his shoot-out attempt. Kane was also able to grab a point on an assist to my 4th star of the night. You didn't think I'd choose a Swede again? Oduya?

Johnny O. has struggled the last couple of games and even tonight was on the wrong end of some big hits. But he was able to get his first goal of the year and has been a rock defensively for the Hawks this season.

Oduya also had 4 shots on the night, and was 4th in TOI with 24:40 for the Hawks, so we kind of have a them going here don't we?

The goal was created on a great possession for the Hawks in the Columbus zone late in the second period. The Hawks were able to cycle the puck and keep it in the zone while Kaner got a new twig from the bench. The puck came back to Kane who saw Oduya driving towards the net from his spot at the point. Kane was able to thread a pass to Oduya through three Jackets defenders, Oduya settled the puck down and was able to get a wrister past Bobrovsky for his only blemish on a pretty stellar night from the Columbus goaltender.

Johnny Oduya isn't going to light the lamp too many times this season but that isn't why he is here but it can help any player recover after a rough couple of games like he's been through.

Honorable Mention: Shaw for that marathon of a fight. I agreed with Eddy O. that Calvert should have taken his helmet off before the fight with Shaw due to his shield. I was wincing every time Shaw landed a punch on Calvert's helmet/visor. If you are going to start a fight and you are wearing a visor be man enough to take it off. I always liked when both guys took off the lids before throwing fists if only for the irony that they are taking off a piece of equipment that protects their head because it might hurt their hands... But if you are wearing a visor you got to take it off.