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My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Stars

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The Stars apparently starting celebrating St. Patrick's day a little early either that or maybe they just aren't any good. Probably a lot of both. With the plethora of goals and points last night it is kind of hard to pick one guy for the 4th star of the game. Toews, Hossa and Kane were the top 3 stars but with six guys getting three points last night I think there is someone else that needs to be recognized.

Bruce Bennett

This may be a little hokey but really with the amazing start the Blackhawks have had this year and after the piss-stomping they put on the Stars last night, I figured now would be a good time to be hokey.

It really all starts and ends with this man, he came, he saw, he overtook for his cheap father and he conquered. And now he and his Blackhawks are hungry for more.

Rocky Wirtz is my 4th star for last nights game. After the performance that they put on and they were able to make the Stars look like anything but. He has turned around a historic franchise that was going through a serious rough patch mostly due to his cheap father getting rid of anything that costs money. Yeah, it's a story that's been written before but it should still be one that brings admiration and reverence.

Rocky turned the franchise around, brought a Cup back to Chicago, and has brought in the staff to revitalize hockey in Chicago. There have been questions about lil' Bowman and if he would be able to fill in Daddy's shows and I think we are starting to see that he can be trusted to make decisions and that Rocky is able to find the right people to lead this team to continued success.

It has brought national attention to what most Chicagoans would rank as at least the 4th team in the city a few years ago, if not dead last.

What's also great about Rocky, is how humble he seems to be about the changes he has made and even though some might be upset with recognizing an owner during a lock-out shortened season, he does seem to recognize that at least appearing to be more of the people is a much better route than senior took.

So, even though you and your other owners made me miss half a season and put me through a lot of stress. I am so glad that hockey is back and the Blackhawks are on their way to another shot at the Stanley Cup. Thanks Rocky!