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Morning Bag Skate 4/30

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The Stanley Cup playoffs get underway tonight! Anyone else have trouble sleeping last night?

Jonathan Daniel

Dave Bolland and Ray Emery out for Game 1 vs Wild (ESPN Chicago) *autoplay

Game 1 spotlight: Duncan Keith vs Ryan Suter (Tribune)

Jason Pominville appears ready for Game 1 (Star Tribune)

Blackhawks/Wild by the numbers (Hockee Night)

5 reasons to hate the Wild (Runs On Duncan)

Andrew Cieslak gives Kings fans pointers on why they should hate the Blues (Royal Half)

Draft lottery results, Seth Jones heading to the Avalanche (TSN)

Dale Tallon not upset with the Panthers getting the 2nd pick in the draft (Miami Herald)

Lightning get the 3rd pick, would you trust Steve Yzerman with it? (Tampa Times)

Jim Nill formally announced as the new GM of the Stars (Dallas News)

Bill Daly gives update on Coyotes ownership (AZ Central)