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Morning Bag Skate 4/4

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It's game day once again!

Jonathan Daniel

Marian Hossa will return tonight (ESPN Chicago)

Bowman believes in the group he has here (CSN) autoplay

Blackhawks pick up a new penalty box attendant (Hockee Night)

Goalies control their own fate (Blackhawk Up)

Its playoff time for the Toledo Walleye (Runs On Duncan)

Too little too late for the IceHogs, again (RR Star)

LA Kings rule the interwebs (Kings)

The whole "change of scenery" theory actually works for once! (Blue Shirt Banter)

The long, strange saga of Steve Mason is over (Columbus Dispatch)

Why possession matters, a visual guide to Fenwick (Habs EOTP)

Farewell Martin Erat, we will always have Game 5. Thanks for the memories!