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Observations From Section 321 : All's Well That Cracknells

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Blackhawks lose to the Blues in shootout after blowing another 3rd period lead at home.

Jonathan Daniel

Going forward, the scoreboard operator at the UC needs to keep Period 2 on the big board because once a 3 goes up there bad things happen. Losing to the assbags from St Louis always stings, but when you lose because their 4th line full of knuckle draggers beats you, it causes violent fits of vomiting. It never matters what year it says on the calendar, you can count on the Blues having a roster full of douche nozzles. Be it Tony Twist, Garth Butcher, Barret Jackman, Chris Pronger, Kelly Chase, or Roman Polak once you put the music note on your chest you become a living, breathing skid mark.

The Blues opened the scoring at 16:03 of the 1st period when something called Adam Cracknell scored a pretty soft goal. Cracknell ripped a slap shot from just inside the blue line, a place on the ice no one should score from. The replay showed the puck nicked the stick of Brent Seabrook but Corey Crawford still should have had it. Yes it was redirect a bit, but it wasn't like it changed direction 2 feet in front of him.

The 2nd period was much like Monday night's middle frame against the Nashville Predators. The Hawks dominated the play for most of the period lead by Jonathan Toews, who once again showed Blues fans what a real captain looks like. Tazer tied up the game at 3:18 after some great puck movement by the Hawks. With Toews and Patrick Kane both on the ice, the entire Blues team focused on them on the right side of the ice. Brent Seabrook alertly came down to the left hand circle were Kaner found him with a nice cross ice pass. Toews was right in front to clean up Biscuit's rebound for his 18th goal of year. Brandon Saad *cough Calder cough* gave the Hawks a lead about 2 and a half minutes later. Tazer stole the puck from Alexander Steen along the boards and quickly got the pass over Saad who was heading right to the net. I am just amazed by Saad's ability, at such a young age, to know exactly what Toews wants to do at all times.

Then the 3rd period shit show started and we've this movie before. Cracknell picked up his 2nd goal of the year after a Drunken Keith blow out lead to a 2 on 1 going the other way. It was a heck of shot by Cracknell because Crow barely left any room for the puck to get through, but he somehow squeezed it in. David Backes awoke from his month long slumber to give the Blues a 3-2 lead at 7:06. Jay Bouwmeester was given a ton of space to fire a shot off from the point and nobody picked up Backes who was able to tap in the rebound for an easy goal, his 4th. Viktor Stalberg finally got back on the score sheet with his 7th goal of the year at 15:29. The goal was made possible, once again, by good puck movement within the offensive zone. Michael Roszival took a shot that never got through but Stalberg was in the right place at the right time.

The Blackhawks had some chances in OT and put some pressure on Brian Elliot, but could not come up with a goal. The shootout went 6 rounds before Kevin Shattenkirk put everyone out of their misery.

* Corey Crawford is slumping a bit and needs to get better. Not blaming all of it on him but he needs to cut down on the questionable goals. His defense in front of him losing focus in the 3rd period does not help. The game should have never went to a shootout and the entire team shares the blame for that, not just Crow. Crawford's approach in the shootout was terrible. The good news is they don't use shootouts in the playoffs. In Crow's post game interview he said that teams are not outplaying them in the 3rd period. Um, what??

* After the OT period ended, I think Brandon Bollig and Ryan Reaves should have just stood at center ice and rattled off state capitals, lightning round style. This would have been quicker and more entertaining than a shootout.

* Michal Handzus looked pretty good in his Hawks debut. Can we expect 10 of 14 from the dot every night? No, but he is an improvement over anyone not wearing 19 on their sweater. Handzus made a few nice plays with the puck and adds some size to the lineup, which is needed. We just won't talk about his skating. He makes Jimmy Hayes look like Apollo Ohno.

* The whole incident at the end of the 2nd period just proves what a bunch of shitheads the Blues are. Barrett Jackman, leader of the assclowns, pretty much boards himself and Roman Polak assaults Viktor Stalberg. Polak showed a brilliant display of manhood by punching a guy in the face who is wearing a full shield. Not sure how Stalberg got a fighting penalty for laying in the fetal position while getting pummeled, but those are the rules. Jackman is king of the turds. If he wasn't boarding Michal Frolik he was then talking trash to Ray Emery. Has he never looked up Razor on You Tube?

* It seemed almost everybody who was moved at the deadline made impressive debuts. The new Rangers all had big games on Wednesday. Ben Bishop had a 45 save shutout. Jaromir Jagr and Marian Gaborik both scored for their new teams. And then there is Jay Bouwmeester. 751 and counting buddy!

* Speaking of people who suck, Jesus Christ Dave Bolland, at least pretend that you care about regular season games! If he continues to be invisible in the post season he is the first salary dump I make in the summer.

* With the shootout being a complete crap shoot anyways, Q should have trolled the Blues by sending Ray Emery out as the first shooter.

* Even with the Stalberg goal, that was the worst game of the year from the 3rd line, by far.

Blackhawks Corsi numbers

Player Pos ES TOI Total Shots For Total Shots Against Corsi Net Zone Starts Adjusted Corsi
Duncan Keith D 21:49 14 11 +3 +5 +1
Niklas Hjalmarsson D 18:24 11 7 +4 +4 +2
Brent Seabrook D 20:17 19 18 +1 -3 +2
Nick Leddy D 18:15 18 14 +4 -3 +5
Marcus Kruger C 13:06 9 2 +7 -5 +9
Jonathan Toews C 19:20 15 8 +7 +2 +6
Brandon Saad L 17:37 13 7 +6 +2 +5
Viktor Stalberg L 13:24 14 13 +1 +2 +0
Michal Handzus C 12:31 10 2 +8 -3 +9
Johnny Oduya D 18:51 18 11 +7 -1 +7
Bryan Bickell L 13:26 14 9 +5 +1 +5
Michal Rozsival D 20:24 20 11 +9 0 +9
Dave Bolland C 11:42 9 9 0 +2 -1
Brandon Bollig L 8:11 5 4 +1 -3 +2
Andrew Shaw C 13:05 10 14 -4 0 -4
Michael Frolik R 13:01 10 12 -2 +3 -3
Marian Hossa R 18:08 16 7 +9 +2 +8
Patrick Kane R 18:29 15 15 0 +4 -2

Blues Corsi Numbers

Player Pos ES TOI Total Shots For Total Shots Against Corsi Net Zone Starts Adjusted Corsi
Barret Jackman D 19:49 7 12 -5 -2 -4
Jaden Schwartz C 14:47 5 18 -13 -2 -12
Andy Mcdonald C 17:48 6 18 -12 0 -12
Vladimir Sobotka C 15:59 9 8 +1 -1 +1
Jay Bouwmeester D 22:53 11 17 -6 -3 -5
Alexander Steen C 18:02 9 14 -5 -4 -3
Patrik Berglund C 16:04 5 20 -15 +3 -16
Kevin Shattenkirk D 17:55 16 15 +1 +1 +1
Chris Stewart R 14:48 8 15 -7 +1 -7
Alex Pietrangelo D 23:20 17 23 -6 0 -6
Chris Porter L 9:38 12 7 +5 +2 +4
Jordan Leopold D 15:04 16 17 -1 +2 -2
David Backes R 17:39 7 18 -11 -5 -9
Roman Polak D 19:03 5 16 -11 0 -11
David Perron L 15:06 10 7 +3 -1 +3
Ryan Reaves R 8:11 12 5 +7 +2 +6
Adam Cracknell R 9:22 13 5 +8 +2 +7
Vladimir Tarasenko R 14:32 9 10 -1 -2 -0