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My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Predators

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Hopefully tomorrow's rematch at the UC will be a little more interesting but end with the same result. The Hawks were able to get 2 points and their 4th shutout of the season.


Amazing what a lockout and shortened season can do, eh?

The Blackhawks were able to solve Pekka Rinne with a Lord Byron goal and ride out the rest of the game to Ray Emery's 2nd shutout.

But the 4th star is going elsewhere because Razor got a star already and honestly I think someone else deserves some attention, he also got an assist on Bickell's goal and had over 17 minutes on the ice today. He also is the newest Blackhawk.

Michal Handzus went 10 for 15 from the dot today putting him at 20 for 29 since becoming a Blackhawk. Strangely enough, even with his 66.67 FO% he was second on the team today, with Andrew Shaw winning four of five draws. If you are scoring at home that puts Captain, oh, Captain third in percentage winning 65% (11 of 17 respectively). Obviously, Toews is still the best on the team, took more draws than Handzus and Shaw but just goes to show that numbers can say a lot of different things.

Handzus got the primary assist on the only goal of the game only 5:31 into the first period and that would be it for lamp lighting during this contest. Zus was able to pick up the puck from a touch pass of the boards from Marcus Kruger. Handzus carried the puck up the ice for a two-on-one with Bickell, he was able to get Rinne to bite on the shot and slip and pass over to Bickell for a wide open shot at an empty cage. Rinne tried to make a lunging attempt but Bickell was able to put it away.

If Handzus is able to keep showing this speed and dependability (17:17 TOI) I don't see when Q wouldn't at least give him a shot between Sharpie and Kaner, when their healthy, everyone keeps complaining about Bolland not being a 2C and hampering Kanes production, Handzus seems like he is capable so far to produce points. And if he can keep winning draws. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?