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Morning Bag Skate 5/22

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Jonathan Daniel

Blackhawks make a national footprint (Tribune)

Jonathan Toews still looking for first goal (USA Today)

Hawks still confident but Game 4 is 'huge" (Detroit Free Press)

Hawks D has been haunted by breakdowns (Sun Times)

Glen Healy calls Pavel Datsyuk "under-talented." Wait, what? (Backhand Shelf)

Slak and Fork weigh in on the state of mind of Hawks fans over at Hockee Night

Bruins take a 3-0 death grip on their series with the Rangers. Good thing they've never blown a 3-0 lead before.....oh wait (SCOC/BSB)

Sharks even up their series with the Kings after a 2-1 win. (FtF/JftC/BoC)

What type of depressed sports fan are you? (Grantland)

Puck Daddy has a new batch of jersey fails. If you know the guy in the Hawks jersey, give him a shot to the junk for me!