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Tweets Of The Week

Starting a new Monday morning tradition featuring some of the best Tweets from the previous week. Twitter is a great place for helpful information and promotion, but its at its best when it is used to have fun at someone else's expense. Every Monday I will bring you some of best Tweets I have read while wasting time during my day. Feel free to start sending in your own submissions by either pointing them out to me on Twitter or via email at

The Royal Half gives their opinion of the Joe Corvo 'derby."

This seems about right....

A fun little fact about Teemu Selanne

Brian Campbell announces the birth of his daughter. Congrats Mr and Mrs Soupy!!

My favorite "Ryan Kesler in a tiny boat" photo.

My inner 12 year old giggled at this one!

The San Jose Sharks Twitter account had some fun with a set of douchebags, the St Louis Blues and ESPN.