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Tweets Of The Week

This week we touch on a variety of subjects including the Red Wings new stadium, Stan Mikita on a bull, Monopoly and fake boobs!

First some Blackhawks related Tweets,

Chris Chelios gets his banner at the HHoF in the uniform he belongs in

More about Chris Chelios, I can agree with 2 out of the 2 of these being shitty! The only cool thing in Indiana these days! Stan Mikita goes bull riding!! Or maybe that is enough to back list Chris Campoli? Some great Tweets regarding the new Red Wings stadium in bankrupt Detroit. Some Maple Leafs logic for you. On to some non hockey stuff like Monopoly. This is funny because it is 100% true! Ditto. Great, lets "Hope" all those jokes can be put to bed now! And finally just because Mr. T is the greatest...