2014 GIF Tournament : Seeding and Brackets

The moment you have all been waiting for, the first round matchups for this year's GIF Tournament.

The #GloveSide Region (1st rd will be played Tues 7/29)

1) Kaner Invents Showtime vs 8) Kneel Before Saad

2) Hawks Just Toying With Avs vs 7) Saad Laughs At Prosser

3) Hossa Goes 3 Stooges On Ott vs 6) Shawzy's Salute

4) Sharp Takes A Stick To The Face & Still Scores vs 5) Hjammer Nets A Crow

The Twitter Lion Region (1st rd will be played Weds 7/30)

1) Brown Immediately Regrets This Decision vs 8) POTUS Embarasses Crow

2) Crow Bumps Quick vs 7) Kaner Causes Another Lost Jock Strap

3) Crow Clears His Crease vs 6) Hossa's 100th Goal Celly

4) Kaner's Bank Shot vs 5) Old Man River Extends The Season

The #FreeMorin Region (1st rd will be played Thurs 7/31)

1) Q's Junk Grab vs 8) Hossa Is Still Laughing At The Blues

2) Not Even Snow Can Stop Tazer vs 7) Benny's Celly

3) Eight More Years vs 6) Raanta's Roar

4) Kaner Uses A Payphone vs 5) Happy Raanta

The Line Blender Region (1st rd will be played Fri 8/1)

1) Saad's Spin-O-Rama Assist vs 8) Napoleon Leddy-mite

2) A Huge Hometown Save vs 7) Miller Has No Shot Versus Kaner

3) Morin Rides The Rail vs 6) Crow Robs Tarasenko

4) Tazer Beats The Blues vs 5) Benny's One Man PK