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Morning Bag Skate 1/29

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Our daily look at Blackhawks news and the happenings around the world of hockey.

Derek Leung

Recaps (SuntimesMadhouse EnforcerCalgary Sun)

Bryan Bickell frustrated, not insulted, by benching. (CSN Chicago) *autoplay

This could be Brandon Pirri's last shot in Chicago. (Daily Herald)

Prospect watch. (Blackhawks)

Q & A with Ted Dent. (ESPN Chicago)

Matt Duchene creating goals, just not scoring them. (Denver Post)

Rangers dismissive of Devils complaints of Yankee Stadium's ice. (NY Daily News)

Great story on Alex Stalock's road back to the NHL. (Mercury News)

Stars want an outdoor game too. Again, you must be able to fill the seats! (Dallas News)

Martin Brodeur would consider waiving no trade clause. (