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Morning Bag Skate 1/31

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Our daily look at Blackhawks news and the happenings around the world of hockey.

Derek Leung

Players applaud Coach Q. (Tribune)

Blackhawks hope four goal period is just the start. (Suntimes)

4th line providing a spark. (CSN Chicago)

OT woes explained. (Hockey Writers)

Blackhawks alumni get their own outdoor game. (Daily Herald)

Should Patrick Kane be captain of Team USA? (Madhouse Enforcer)

Kevin Bieksa to miss the Canucks' road trip. (ESPN)

Canucks need to get younger. (Toronto Star)

Johan Franzen to skip the Olympics. (MLive)

Separating love & logic in trade rumors. (Blue Shirt Banter)

Outdoor games far from out of style. (SBN)

But the Heritage Classic is a tough sell. (Vancouver Sun)