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Blackhawks vs. Sabres game thread: Part 2

An exciting start gave way to a pair of Buffalo goals and now it's tied going into the second period. Here's your place to continue discussing tonight's Blackhawks-Sabres game.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Blackhawks certainly delivered the early fireworks at home Saturday night with a pair of goals, but the Sabres rebounded to tie the game by the end of the period. Corey Crawford has already given up as many goals tonight as he did on Thursday against Dallas, so hopefully he can lock things down from here against a less than stellar Buffalo offense. But hey, seriously, those goals were a fun way to start the night, and let's hope they can get that lead back soon.

Here's your place to continue discussing the game, and the first thread in there's anything you need to check out from that.

Go Blackhawks!