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Blackhawks vs. Rangers game thread 2014: Preseason finale at MSG

The Blackhawks finish off their preseason against the Rangers at MSG on Friday night. Need a place to discuss the action? Come join us!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
2014-15 NHL Preseason




Oct. 3, 2014
Madison Square Garden
6 p.m.
CSN, NHL Network
2013-14 Key Stats
46-21-15, 107 points (3rd in Central) W-L 45-31-6, 96 points (2nd in Metropolitan)
267 (1st in NHL) GF 218 (18th in NHL)
220 (13th in NHL) GA 193 (4th in NHL)
54.9 percent (2nd in NHL) Corsi 52.9 percent (5th in NHL)
54.7 percent (3rd in NHL) Fenwick 52.8 percent (5th in NHL)
100.1 (13th in NHL) PDO 100.0 (14th in NHL)
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We can finally bid farewell to the preseason Friday night as the Blackhawks visit the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It might not be the prettiest contest as the Hawks miss many of their big names, but that could free up some extra looks for the guys still competing to make the roster. For more information on the game, here's our preview, and as usual, this is your place to discuss the game.

Go Blackhawks!

(Note: Stats from Hockey-Reference)