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2014-15 NHL season predictions

Do you know what's going to happen once the first puck drops tonight? We don't, either, but we'll make some guesses and laugh at them in June.


We already missed the first games of the 2014-15 NHL season last night, but with the Blackhawks prepping for their Thursday opener against the Stars, it's now or never for rolling out season predictions. Will the Hawks be able to avenge last year's West Finals loss, or is L.A. destined to continue its quasi-dynasty? Have Anaheim, Boston and/or Montreal done enough to be legitimate threats? And how about those season-ending awards?

Here are predictions from Randy and I:

Division Winners


Atlantic: Boston Bruins
Metropolitan: Washington Capitals
Central: Chicago Blackhawks
Pacific: Anaheim Ducks


Atlantic: Boston Bruins
Metropolitan: Pittsburgh Penguins
Central: Chicago Blackhawks
Pacific: Anaheim Ducks



ECF: Montreal Canadiens beat Tampa Bay Lightning
WCF: Chicago Blackhawks beat Anaheim Ducks

Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Montreal Canadiens


ECF: Boston Bruins beat Montreal Canadiens
WCF: Chicago Blackhawks beat Los Angeles Kings

Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Boston Bruins


Award Randy Satchel
Hart Steven Stamkos Sidney Crosby
Vezina Carey Price Carey Price
Norris Erik Karlsson
Drew Doughty
Calder John Gibson Jonathan Drouin