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Blackhawks vs. Red Wings game thread: Part 2

The 'Hawks and Wings are tied at 1 after the first period in Detroit. Need a place to talk about the second? Join us!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With 20 minutes in books from the Motor City, the Blackhawks and Red Wings are all tied up at 1. The first period was a bit of a back and forth affair that saw some good chances go both ways. A brutal turnover by Kris Versteeg in the defensive zone led to the Wings goal, scored by Luke Glendening. Versteeg didn't see the ice after that. Patrick Kane later scored on the power play to level the game.

Morin, Versteeg, and Bickell all saw very little ice time in the first. Nine forwards is an interesting (and bad) strategy for a game in mid-November. Let's hope those guys get more ice time to ease the load on the top lines.

Here's the second period game thread.