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Blackhawks vs. Jets game thread: Part 2

The 'Hawks are trailing, 1-0, after allowing the Jets to score seconds into the game. Here's your game thread for the second period.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

Not exactly an encouraging first period as the Chicago Blackhawks trail the Winnipeg Jets, 1-0, on Sunday night. Michael Frolik got the Jets on the scoreboard less than a minute into the game, and some early penalties stifled Chicago's ability to get any rhythm on the offensive end. I know the 'Hawks are on the back-to-back and traveled from Toronto less than 24 hours ago, but still, this isn't an elite opponent. If the next 40 minutes go that way, I won't exactly be thrilled going to bed tonight.

Anyways!! Here's your game thread for the second period, hopefully the team can come to life.

Go 'Hawks!