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Blackhawks unveil 1950s-inspired jersey for 2015 Winter Classic

Here's the jersey that the Blackhawks will be wearing in the 2015 Winter Classic.

Yahoo! Sports Twitter

The Chicago Blackhawks unveiled their jerseys for the upcoming Winter Classic matchup against the Washington Capitals on Wednesday evening. The new sweaters are inspired by the team's old jerseys from 1957, according to team president John McDonough, and look pretty solid in my opinion.

Here's the captain, Jonathan Toews, showing it off:


(via Yahoo! Sports)

There are also loads of other pictures of the jerseys going around social media. Here's a close-up of the patch on the sleeve:

Here's Brandon Saad modeling the jersey at the team store downtown:

And, via, here's the jersey it's based on:


Obviously, you'll notice that the crest in the middle has been updated and there are now numbers are the sleeves, but otherwise it's pretty much a match. Again, I gotta admit that I think it looks pretty good, and fits with the custom of throwback jerseys for the Classic.

What do you guys think? Did the 'Hawks come up with a jersey you're proud of seeing in the big game?


P.S. If you're looking to buy the jersey, it's available for pre-order here. They're not cheap, though. A legit men's jersey is $185 blank, $250 with name and number. For a women's jersey it's $150, $210. So unless you need a new sweater anyways, you must really love this design to pick one up.