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Morning Bag Skate 6/16

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Our daily look at Blackhawks news and the happenings around the world of hockey.

Mike Strasinger-USA TODAY Sports

Blackhawks and Kings aren't dynasties but they are setting the standard. (Sun Times)

Blackhawks are favored to win the Cup in 2015. (ESPN Chicago)

Blackhawks fathers and sons. (

Duncan Keith and Marian Hossa could be a potential problem. (Madhouse Enforcer)

Coaches clinic in the Stanley Cup Final. (

The Kings provide the blueprint. A year ago these same articles were being written about the Blackhawks. (SB Nation)

The heartbreak of Henrik Lundqvist. (SB Nation)

More drama between the Avalanche and Ryan O'Reilly. (Mile High Hockey)

Michal Frolik going to arbitration as well.  Feel free to send him back to Chicago. (Pro Hockey Talk)