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Morning Bag Skate: Breaking down Corey Crawford and a look back at the 1994 lockout

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Our daily look at Blackhawks news and the happenings around the world of hockey.

Harry How

The end of the week brings us a number of interesting stories from around the hockey world. Let's check out the latest on Friday morning.

**A fascinating post by Jen LC breaking down Corey Crawford. Unsurprisingly, the work of the guys in front of him has a lot to do with his performance (The Committed Indian)

**Another day, another player preview from Tracey Myers. This time Patrick Kane is up. (CSN Chicago)

**The Avalanche and RFA Tyson Barrie agreed to a two-year, $5.2 million deal, which looks to be a pretty solid value for Colorado (Denver Post)

**A nice breakdown of the Central division for those with ESPN Insider. Lots of talent to compete with the Hawks. (ESPN Insider)

**This is a bit before my time, but Grantland's Sean McIndoe takes a look at the 1994 NHL lockout and its impact on the league. (Grantland)

**Gary Bettman says the NHL doesn't plan to expand by 2017, and rumored expansion fees of $350 million per franchise aren't close to the league's expectations (Yahoo! Sports)

**The pressure is on Nick Bonino to step up in place of Ryan Kesler for the Canucks (Pro Hockey Talk)

**Pittsburgh's Pascal Dupuis no longer has any feel in his right knee after surgery to repair a torn ACL, but he's still excited for next season. (Pro Hockey Talk)