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Winter Classic game thread: Part 3

The Blackhawks and Capitals are even at 2 heading into the third period of the Winter Classic. Discuss it here!

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

The second period went much better for the Blackhawks than the first did, as they dominated most of the possession and earned quite a few scoring chances, cashing in on one of them. An absolutely beautiful passing play from the Hossa-Toews-Saad line led to the tying goal, as Hossa collected the puck behind the Capitals net and then fed Toews, who one-touch-passed it to Saad, who had an empty net for the tap-in goal.

A really low-point for the 'Hawks in this one has been their power play performance, as in spite of scoring on their first chance, they're 0-4 since then with only 2 shots on goal. They also squandered a minute and a half 5-on-3 advantage in the second, as they just passed too much. This is gonna have to change if they wanna win this game.

Here's your third period game thread. Let's hope our boys can finish this one off. Go 'Hawks!