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Clint Reif's wife 'grateful' for support after husband's death

Kelly Reif, Clint's widowed wife, says she's "incredibly grateful" for the support her family has received since her husband's death.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks community has been doing its best to help out the wife and children of Clint Reif since his unfortunate death in December, putting together events and raising money to help a family in need. Kelly Reif, Clint's wife, says she's "incredibly grateful" for the support her family has received.

"I am so incredibly grateful for all the generosity, love and support that my family and I have received through this difficult time," Reif told Justin Breen of DNAInfo Chicago.

That support includes the Clint Reif Memorial Fund, which has been accepting donations for weeks, and an upcoming fundraiser at The Ogden that will donate proceeds to the fund. There have been other fundraising efforts, too, all aimed at helping Kelly and her four children get through what's undoubtedly been a difficult experience.

Clint Reif was found dead Dec. 21, leading to an outpouring of emotion from a tightknit hockey community. Many Blackhawks spoke publicly about Reif's importance in the locker room and the team wore special decals on its helmets. The death was later deemed a suicide.