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WATCH: Viktor Svedberg scores first NHL goal

Who doesn't love firsts? And giant hugs from Artemi Panarin?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The most obvious thing about Viktor Svedberg is, of course, his size. Dude's 6'8", and 238 lbs. He is, without question, the biggest member of the Chicago Blackhawks. And while size is valued in hockey, it's really not that often you see guys like that score.

Svedberg isn't a scorer. He's a defenseman, so you aren't exactly expecting that from him; that said, even for a defender, he still doesn't score that much. Five goals over two seasons and 84 games with the Rockford Ice Hogs isn't a lot.

And while Svedberg, who's only 24, will probably never be a scorer, hey: he got his first NHL goal, and that's something to always remember. Awesome moment for him, and awesome moment for his team.

That includes Artemi Panarin, who gave him a monstrous hug in celebration. The 5'11" kid absolutely tackling a guy nearly a foot taller than him: what's not to love about that?