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Happy birthday, Artemi Panarin!

It's not just Chicago celebrating - his former club in St. Petersburg is celebrating, too!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today Artemi Panarin, the NHL rookie with nine points in 10 games, turns 24 years old. He doesn't exactly look it - he still very much has that baby face - but regardless, a very happy birthday to him!

Hopefully he has a big night for his new team. His old team, though - SKA St. Petersburgh - hasn't forgotten him, and is also wishing Panarin a very happy birthday.

Two things:

  1. That's a great GIF.
  2. #BeardMan? Can Panarin even grow a beard? I guess assuming all goes well, we'll find out in a few months' time, though my bets are on no.

Still, awesome to see him still loved from his former KHL team. He's having no problems keeping up that level of adoration in Chicago.