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Blackhawks receive gorgeous, diamond-laden 2015 Stanley Cup rings

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The Cup rings contain 355 diamonds set in a 14-karat white gold ring.

Blackhawks Twitter

The Blackhawks celebrated last season's Stanley Cup championship Sunday with a trip to Solider Field before a private ceremony downtown to hand out their championship rings.

Each Cup ring, made by Jostens, contains 355 diamonds set in a 14-karat white gold ring. The stones on top form the team's primary logo. The words "Stanley Cup Champions" surround the top and bottom of ring top.

The left side of the ring features the franchise's six Cups while the right side showcases the Hawks' secondary logo and the name and number of each player.

The inside of the ring shows a silhouette of the Cup, the team's "One Goal" motto and the results of each of the Hawks' playoff series.

Check out the pictures below:

Note from Satchel: We didn't receive any rings BUT here's a quick shot of the special BLOGGER CHAMPIONSHIP RING:

That's 355 grams of sugar artfully crafted and set on a plastic base. Tastes good, too.