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Blackhawks tease Stadium Series jersey design, full reveal tomorrow

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But I wanna see it nooooow.

Who doesn't love outdoor games? The Chicago Blackhawks certainly love them - they've played in a bunch. And of course, this season is no exception for the defending Stanley Cup champions.

The Hawks will have new jerseys when they take to the ice at the home of the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium on Feb. 21 in a central division class against the Minnesota Wild. And they'll look good while doing so!

Or, uh, will they? Well, probably, but we won't know what they'll be wearing just yet. We should get a full visual tomorrow, though!

In the meantime, hey, at least the Hawks have taken it upon themselves to give us some teasers of their newest jersey:

Stadium Series sweater reveal: Part☝ ️

A photo posted by Chicago Blackhawks (@nhlblackhawks) on

Another peek at the jersey? You got it. Sweater Reveal: Part II.

A photo posted by Chicago Blackhawks (@nhlblackhawks) on

The complete Stadium Series sweater? Wait and C.

A photo posted by Chicago Blackhawks (@nhlblackhawks) on

You'll see the complete sweater design when the align.

A photo posted by Chicago Blackhawks (@nhlblackhawks) on

Well, closeups always look super nice. It'll probably all come together beautifully - but in the meantime, we gotta play the waiting game.

... The waiting game sucks, let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.