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Blackhawks reveal 2016 Stadium Series jersey

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Here's what Chicago will be wearing when they take on Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium.

Chicago Blackhawks Twitter

The Blackhawks revealed the jerseys they will be wearing in February's NHL Stadium Series against the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday morning. The theme for this year's Stadium Series appears to be a more modern look, based off this reveal and the jerseys that the other teams will be wearing.

Here's a photo:

SS 16 jersey

(via Blackhawks on Twitter)

The jersey features black shoulders and numbers,with a white collar that features the four stars of the Chicago flag. The collar details were revealed in a tweet from the Hawks' official Twitter account Monday and are a beautiful touch, in my opinion. The black shoulders are a tribute to Chicago's "City of Big Shoulders" nickname. The typical stripes from the road jersey clearly featured on the sleeves with a much more bold design, taking up most of the sleeve.

One big change is the presence of numbers on the shoulders, swapping places with the Tomahawk-C logos from the standard jerseys. The jersey has the standard Four Feather Chief logo with the Hawks opting not to go with an alternate logo like the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings did for their jerseys.

The jersey is on sale now at the Blackhawks' store downtown along with several other pieces of Stadium Series merchandise. Chances are they could cost you an arm or a leg, but one of these bad boys would surely make a nice holiday gift for your favorite Blackhawks fan.

The Stadium Series game between the Blackhawks and Wild will take place on Feb. 21, 2016 at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Tickets are on sale now.