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Watch Marko Dano's first goal as a Blackhawk

The young winger scored his first goal as a 'Hawk in just his second game. Check it out!

Marko Dano was arguably the true prize of the ttrade that sen Brandon Saad to the Columbus Blue Jackets in late June, and tonight we got to see a little bit of what makes Dano so special. In just his second game with the Blackhawks this season, he found the back of the just two minutes into tonight's game against the St. Louis Blues.

The goal was set up by a nice play in the corner from Ryan Hartman, but that shot by Dano was wicked, and certainly caught Blues goalie Brian Elliot by surprise. Some good placement saw it hit off the netminder and find its way to the twince.

The goal opened the scoring tonight and got the momentum going in the Blackhawks' favor in what would end up being a five goal opening frame for Chicago. I'd say Dano is off to a pretty good start to his career in the four feathers.