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Marian Hossa leads all active NHLers in shorthanded goals, points

He IS a demigod, so...

The NHL's public relations Twitter account dropped us a couple of neat little tidbits about Marian Hossa today:

That's not even close, is it? Of course, when you've played in the NHL as long as Hossa, you're bound to have put up some impressive numbers, but he's heads and shoulders above everybody else. Nine more goals than the next two closest players. Eight more points.

Hossa scored a personal best of seven shorthanded goals way back when he was with the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2005-06 season. It's a total he nearly matched in his first season with the Chicago Blackhawks when he scored five in 2009-10. Thus far, he's scored 14 shorthanded goals with the Hawks, more than he has with any other team.

In contrast, Hossa only has five shorthanded assists in his time with Chicago. So if you want to actually get the goal, it looks like it's best to give the puck to Hossa. He clearly knows what to do with it.