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Jake Dowell tests negative for Huntington's

Huntington's has affected the Dowell family, but the Blackhawks minor leaguer learned he, himself, does not have it.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Way back in 2004, the Chicago Blackhawks drafted Jake Dowell in the fifth round. He was never able to really make the team long-term, though, and has spent a lot of his career bouncing around various teams. This includes his second stint in the Chicago organization, where he's currently helping lead the Rockford Ice Hogs.

He's gotten some good news off the ice, too. Huntington's Disease has affected his family, including his father and older brother. As it's a genetic disease, there was always a chance Jake could have had it, too.

After years of wondering, though, he finally gathered up the courage to get himself tested - where he found out he didn't have it.

All the best to Jake, who, despite not having the disease, has promised to not stop fighting it on behalf of others, including his family.