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Corey Crawford just put his name up there with Tony Esposito's

Crow HAS been stopping a lot of pucks lately...

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been rolling for Corey Crawford as of late. After all, only letting in two goals in your last four games is pretty impressive - and having three of those four be shutouts is, well, pretty good.

Crawford has stopped 88 shots in those three shutouts, or 112 total of the 114 he's faced in his last four starts. It's nice the Blackhawks have been (mostly) scoring a lot of goals for him in the meantime, but he hasn't quite needed the offensive support!

In fact, no Chicago goaltender has needed the offensive support quite like this since the 1973-74 season when, in February of '74, Tony Esposito had three shutouts over four games.

That's right: Crawford just did something for the first time in over 40 years, and he matched one of the best the Blackhawks have ever had in order to do it. Esposito won a Vezina that year, by the way.

Crawford currently leads the NHL with five shutouts.