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Jonathan Toews' third overtime goal of season ties him for league lead

Only three players have won a game for their team in overtime three times this season. Tazer is one of them.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Toews' 11th goal of the season was particularly great for one extra reason: it was the game winner. Overtime goals are always exciting, and in Toews' case, this is the third time this season he has been able to bring that level of joy into the hearts of Blackhawks fans everywhere.

Only two other players in the NHL can say the same: Johnny Gaudreau and Shayne Gostisbehere. Toews now joins them in the distinction of being one of the deadliest threats when it comes to the NHL's new three-on-three overtime format.

He's facing an additional bonus to this as well. Over the previous eight seasons of Toews' career, he's only scored three overtime goals, total. Three times over eight years - and now there's this year, where he's doubled that. And we're not even halfway through the season yet.

He's also tied the Hawks' franchise record for most overtime goals scored in a single season, with Kyle Calder in 2005-06, and Marian Hossa in 2012-13. It's a record he, at this rate, will very likely be breaking.

Three-on-three is pretty awesome.