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WATCH: Yule Log, featuring the Chicago Blackhawks

This is somehow relaxing, confusing, and hilarious all at once.

You know what's one of the best parts of the holiday season? The fireplace. Either a real one if you have it, or, you know... that channel on TV that's nothing more than a never-ending loop of a fire place going, complete with all the sounds and none of the heat.

Oh, and sometimes you'll see a guy stoking the fire or adding kindling. That's always cool.

Well, the Chicago Blackhawks have taken the holiday fireplace, or yule log, in this case, to the next level. Because we've got a loop of a burning flame going... and then we've got all the Blackhawks stepping in and doing stuff.

From arts and crafts and babies to setting up and decorating a Christmas tree. From snowball fights to players staring at you for uncomfortably long periods of time. From MOVING PICTURES LIKE SOME KIND OF SPOOKY CHRISTMAS GHOST sorry those parts surprised me to OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIRE IS THIS HELL sorry that part scared me.

And, of course, the very best part of the entire thing: Artemi Panarin happily eating bread. (Although that surprise ending is a very, very close second.)

Merry Christmas, Blackhawks.