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Reminder that Jonathan Toews is just like us

Watching from the bench is the same as watching from your couch, right?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy holidays! While the Chicago Blackhawks, like the rest of the NHL, are on their Christmas break - and apparently celebrating by hanging out around a yule log - let's take this moment to reflect back on just how great Jonathan Toews is.

Not just because he's great at hockey - although that is certainly a reason to celebrate - but he's entertaining off the ice, too.

Evidence? This Tumblr post, appropriately entitled, "Jonathan Toews is the fan yelling at the screen from his living room couch".

For example, don't tell me this wasn't exactly what you were doing when the Hawks were about to make the Stanley Cup Final at the end of Game 7 of their third round series against the Anaheim Ducks:

Nobody else is as hyped up as he is. Teuvo Teravainen even looks like he's trying to calm him down...

There are more just like that in the above post by darthtulip, and they are all just as fantastic and as fan reaction-y as you can get. Toews must be a delight to watch other games with.