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Marian Hossa adopted Marko Dano for Christmas

Slovaks stick together.

Marko Dano may have been sent down, but it's not as though Rockford is far from Chicago at all. And really, when you know you've got a friendly face - not to mention one that belongs to a fellow countryman - not far away, wouldn't you rather spend your Christmas with him?

That's what Dano ended up doing, as he made the trek back to the NHL city and over to Marian Hossa's house, where his entire family welcomed him with open arms.

What a beautiful family. Dano is definitely in good hands.

Dano currently has nine points for the IceHogs over 13 games played. Hopefully his time back in the minors goes well, and he continues to grow and develop - and one day he becomes a Blackhawks regular, and can play alongside his fellow Slovak and new family member.