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Best moments of 2015: Every single Chicago Blackhawks playoff goal

Come. Watch them all again. You know you want to.

The Chicago Blackhawks Twitter account has been doing some really, really good work today. Of course, it's not like they don't have the material with which to do it, considering just how great a year 2015 was for the Hawks.

Only one team gets to win the Stanley Cup every year, and this year, it was Chicago. And they made their third Cup win in recent history just as glorious as the previous two (though when you're just that good, it's not hard).

So yeah, 2015 was a good year, and there were a lot of great moments to be had from it. For example: babies!

Babies are good. Babies in Blackhawks jerseys are even better. Babies in Blackhawks jerseys in Stanley Cups are, of course, the best.

So relive just how they got in that Cup - with so, so many goals scored, in what was, undoubtedly, one of several best moments of 2015.