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Hockey community reacts to death of longtime player Steve Montador

Players across the NHL showed their respect and appreciation for Steve Montador on Sunday morning after news spread of the former NHL defenseman's passing.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Montador played for a lot of teams during his 10-year NHL career, leaving his impression on countless teammates along the way. That became clear Sunday as the hockey community poured out emotion following the news that Montador was found dead Sunday morning at age 35 in his Ontario home.

Montador played for the Blackhawks, Flames, Panthers, Ducks, Bruins and Sabres from 2001-12. He suffered a significant head injury in February 2012 and never played in the NHL again, only making brief appearances in the AHL and KHL over the past couple years. In the past, Montador spoke candidly about his troubles with recovering from post-concussion symptoms, which more or less brought an end to his professional hockey career.

Teammates across the league showed their appreciation and respect for Montador as the news spread Sunday, reflecting what a wonderful impact the defenseman had on so many different people. (Note: This was originally posted at 12:08 p.m CT, it's been updated to include more reactions from other players)

(Hat tip to Ian McLaren for list of NHL player Twitters)