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Blackhawks vs. Bruins game thread: Part 1

The Blackhawks and Bruins are set for some afternoon hockey. Need a place to discuss the action? Join us!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
2014-15 NHL Regular Season

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Feb. 22, 2015
United Center
2:30 p.m. CT
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The Blackhawks and Bruins engage in a little Sunday afternoon hockey action as part of Hockey Day in America. Both teams have failed to meet expectations for the season, and the 'Hawks come into this one in desperate need of a win after that 4-1 shallacking they took from the Avalanche on Friday. Coach Q has mixed up the lines quite a bit (Marcus Kruger with Patrick Kane? OK), so we'll see if these lines work and how long they last. These early Sunday games are fun. The Blackhawks have won the last two they've been in. Let's hope they can keep the Sunday streak alive.

Sound off below. Let's go 'Hawks!