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Morning Bag Skate: Patrick Kane out 12 weeks; now what?

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Our daily look at Blackhawks news and the happenings around the world of hockey.

David Banks/Getty Images

There was a lot of news on Wednesday, and it was all bad. Very,very bad.

**Patrick Kane had surgery to repair a broken left clavicle on Wednesday and will miss approximately 12 weeks. (SCH)

**Kane's out. Now what? The Blackhawks have options. (NHL)

**Kane has carried the Blackhawks all season. Time for them to return the favor. (Sun Times)

**All the things we've said about how great of an acquisition Andrej Sekera would be for the Blackawks? All out the window. The Kings (of course) acquired him on Wednesday.

**The Jets, chasing the Blackhawks for a playoff spot, acquired Jiri Tlusty from Carolina, (Puck Daddy)

**The Penguins traded for Daniel Winnik, another would-be potential target for the Blackhawks. (PensBurgh)

**Numerous Coyotes have come up in listing trade options for the Blackhawks, and Arizona's GM says he expects to make three of four deals. (NHL)

**Eric Lindros is suing a former NHL referee. (TSN)

**A scrum between the Penguins and Capitals spilled onto the benches Wednesday night. (Puck Daddy)