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Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets game thread: Part Three

The second period was better, but the Blackhawks trail 4-2 entering the third period.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The defense was better in the second period, though it wouldn't have taken much to be an improvement from the first frame. But we'll take it. Johnny Oduya continues to look good after struggling much of the season. Andrew Shaw is at his most effective tonight. Joel Quenneville seems to have found something with the Vermette-Toews-Hossa line.

(I'm trying to be positive)

Still, the Blackhawks are down to against a team they really should beat. If tonight's scores hold, the Wild will end the night just one point behind the Blackhawks for third in the division, though the Blackhawks have played one less game.

Here's hoping for a third period turnaround to get this whole thing back on track. What a great start to the weekend that'd be.

Let's go Blackhawks.