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N.Y. police confirm investigation into incident at Patrick Kane's home

Hamburg, N.Y., police officially confirmed an investigation into Patrick Kane on Friday.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Hamburg Police Department confirmed an investigation into a recent incident that occurred at Patrick Kane's house in the western New York town on Friday. Chief of police Gregory Wickett said that law enforcement is still gathering information and awaiting forensic results before determining whether to press charges.

Kane, one of the biggest names in hockey as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, is reportedly being investigated on allegations of rape, according to reports by the Buffalo News. No charges have been filed yet in connection to the investigation and it's unknown whether police have spoken to Kane.

The press conference Friday confirms that an investigation is ongoing following reports Thursday that said a young woman has accused Kane of sexually assaulting her last weekend at his lakefront home after meeting at a bar earlier Saturday night or Sunday morning.

The alleged victim reportedly went to the hospital following the incident to be "examined for physical signs that she had been raped." Police searched Kane's home for evidence Sunday. The 26-year-old star forward is being represented by Paul J. Cambria, who also represented him in his 2009 case after an altercation with a Buffalo cab driver.

Here's the full statement from the Hamburg police: